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The Celtic Scrapbook Project
Celtic Scrapbook the Documentary: The Celtic Scrapbook Documentary project aims to celebrate and bring light to the rich Celtic culture that has helped to shape the landscape of Maine, a state which claims a higher percentage of Scottish ancestry than any other in the United States, as well as one of the highest of Irish heritage. Maine singer/producer Kristyn Murphy will explore the somewhat overlooked history of the Irish and Scottish in Maine, taking viewers on a journey of cultural discovery. To help narrate the story, Murphy will follow her family roots and love of Celtic music across the state and abroad to Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, and Canada, seeking answers and discovering the places from which her ancestors came, and concurrently the places from which came many who helped to build Maine. Weaving together history, music and storytelling, this documentary will delve into a series of important elements of Maine’s past and present including: the current day Celtic cultures of Maine; the influence the Irish had on creating Maine into the state is today (with specific focus on Bangor and Portland); a history of the state’s North Atlantic timber trade with Ireland; The Great Famine; and the Scotch-Irish that helped settle Maine. The Documentary will feature guest interviews with historians, cultural experts, and prominent individuals from Maine and abroad. Integrated throughout the Celtic Scrapbook Documentary will be live performances of the music from these cultures sung by Murphy, filmed at some of the iconic landmarks included in the Celtic Scrapbook story. The Documentary will be broadcasted on television and will be the focus of an educational outreach tour that spans across Maine and beyond.

Celtic Scrapbook Educational Outreach
Maine singer/ producer Kristyn Murphy will take Celtic Scrapbook on tour to schools and communities as part of the education outreach component of this project. The Celtic Scrapbook outreach program brought to Maine schools will be specifically crafted to align with the current Maine Social Studies Learning Results and National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies with the anticipation that the Celtic Scrapbook documentary and live show might be used by teachers in classrooms to teach any of the ten thematic strands (1. Culture 2. Time, Continuity, and Change 3. People, Places, and Environments 4. Individual Development and Identity 5. Individuals, Groups, and Institutions 6. Power, Authority, and Governance 7. Production, Distribution, and Consumption 8. Science, Technology, and Society 9. Global Connections 10. Civic Ideals and Practices). In a society where the arts have the least focus of all disciplines, Murphy will take Celtic Scrapbook to schools and community venues allowing students and adults alike to have the opportunity to experience firsthand music and dance from the different Celtic nations, and learn about the history of “Celtic Maine”.

Celtic Scrapbook Live will also include a visual art/history gallery exhibit which will feature photos of Celtic lands with written descriptions, as well as a personal stories and portraits of individuals who are tied to “Celtic Maine”. Releasing the documentary on DVD alongside the soundtrack will give additional opportunity for students and communities to take part in the cultural discovery and learning that is Celtic Scrapbook from their homes and on their own time. In addition to touring extensively in Maine, Murphy will also take the show in Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland and Canada, introducing an international audience to Maine and its people in a way that is both positive and educational.

Touring Celtic

Mission: Touring Celtic has a mission to educate the public on and make opportunity to experience Celtic culture through public presentations of history, music, dance, visual art and story while promoting international cooperation. A Maine organization, Touring Celtic will place a special emphasis on educating Maine people about the past and current Celtic cultures in Maine through projects such as Celtic Scrapbook.

Vision: Touring Celtic will create documentaries and public presentations of small and large scale that are focused on the culture of the Celtic nations, with specific emphasis on history, music, and dance. Touring Celtic’s productions will tour to several including but not limited to: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Canada and the United States.

The Need: There is a global movement to preserve the culture of the Celtic nations. Scottish and Irish culture are so thoroughly intertwined in the roots of Maine’s traditions and ways of life that is impossible to ignore this part of our history. We are what we are because of the past, and yet, to this day, much of Maine’s “Celtic story” remains unknown to the general population.

The Scottish were some of the earliest pioneers to come to Maine and were instrumental in the settling of this land, and today Maine has the highest percentage of people claiming Scottish ancestry than any other state in the US. Many Irish came to Maine to try and escape persecution, disease and famine. Against all odds this group of people, and consequently an entire culture, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and found a way not only to survive in Maine, but to build the state into what is has become today. The Irish built Maine’s railroads, cut Bangor’s timber, dug the canals of Lewiston and provided the labor for Portland’s economic boom. To this day Maine remains a state with one of the highest percentage of people claiming Irish ancestry, yet this part of our history seems to often be overlooked.

Identity is informed by an individual’s own context; culture, institutions, people, and experiences all help in the shaping of who a person becomes. When one learns about people, places and environments, one has an avenue for understanding the relationship that exists between humans and the physical world. Knowledge and understanding of the past helps one to decipher his/her own individual person.

The Celtic Scrapbook project has the opportunity to fill a void in understanding, to place emphasis on and bring light to cultures and the affects they have on everyday life. An international collaboration of historians, educators and artists, the two-part project that is Celtic Scrapbook will take viewers on a journey of cultural discovery across the state of Maine and abroad to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and to Canada, giving opportunity, especially to the Irish and Scottish of Maine, to learn a piece of their own often overlooked and forgotten history, and learn something more about themselves.


Celtic Scrapbook in the Press

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