About the Show
Celtic Journey is a stage show featuring music, dance, and story that celebrates the Celtic nations, their traditions, and the international ties that unite them as one in a world of hardship, hope, and new beginnings. Starring the vibrant Folk-Crossover group The Meadows and international Celtic singer Kristyn Murphy, audiences will become lost in two hours of toe-tapping reels, heart- wrenching ballads, and stories of home.

Meet the Musicians
The Meadows play original works, both sung and instrumental, along with fresh interpretations of folk music from various traditions, predominantly drawn from Celtic culture.  Their concerts are an ethereal journey of sounds: a fusion of atmospheric, contemplative, emotional textures combined with high energy, exhilarating folk music which gets people dancing.

Kristyn Murphy hails from a land of beautiful, rocky coastlines, blueberries, lobster and pine trees.  The singer of Celtic and Broadway music is now celebrating her Celtic heritage and love for music with the release of her debut album “A Time to Remember”, and a series concerts aiming to preserve history and culture through music.  The Maine native, who has been studying music and solo performing since the age of eight, is attracting international attention with a voice that has been described as “beautiful”, “incredible”, and as “one to keep any eye on.

Kristyn Murphy Tour Dates